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Lilihell is a Brussels-based DJ that loves exploring genres across the club music spectrum:
from UKG, breakbeat, dance and rave, to hard-hitting bass, vibrant ghettohouse and rapid-fire
edits; as long as it’s fun and clubby. She isn’t afraid to take the crowd from recognisable
electronic sounds into the darker shades of the leftfield universe, without leaving hints of her
formative years in hiphop behind.

She's played at all kinds of stages, from underground basements to the big festivals. Her
regular shows on Kiosk Radio (Brussels) and guest mixes on ISO Radio (Toronto) and Rinse
France (Paris) prove that she has a versatile taste and a strong love for the higher BPM ranges.

Lilihell's high-energy mixes heat up the room quickly and make it impossible to sit still

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